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The Dreaming Machine

The dreaming machine – issue number 8


The Final Poltergeist of Pompeii . Will Alexander

I can’t wipe death away – unpublished poems by Paulami Sengupta

or that is: when everything goes back to normal -José Eugenio Sanchez

In memory where you dwell – Poems by Helen Wickes

To Give the World a Name – Six Unpublished Poems by Murray Silverstein

Excerpts from Alessandro Brusa’s poetry collection “L’amore dei lupi” (Perrone 2020)

Explorers of Consciousness – A glance at contemporary feminist poetry in India (Part I)

The present, either we see it from eternity… – Three poems by Julio Monteiro Martins, trans. by Don Stang and Helen Wickes

In Memoriam Lawrence Ferlinghetti – Three Poems: Pity the Nation, Cries of Animals Dying, The History of the Airplane



No Time to Sleep: A Theater Experience – Farah Ahamed

Dreaming with Aurora – Vignette from Sonia Gutiérrez’s Book Dreaming with Mariposas

from The Antonym. Marco Polo Travels: 2020 – Amar Mitra, trans. Bishnupriya Chowdhuri

The Clowns, by Mario Benedetti – Translated and Introduced by Clark Bouwman

A Fabled Footnote –  A tale of schadenfreude and literary pleasure by Aritra Sanyal

Every Shoe Tells Its Own Story – Gonca Özmen, trans. by Neil P. Doherty

from The Antonym – Azrael’s Call by Hamiruddin Middya, trans. Rinita Roy



“the-have-nots” – Gia Marie Amella

“The Rest Is Wilderness”: Mario Benedetti’s Fractured Portrait of the Cold War Era U.S.. by Cark Bouwman

In Conversation with Language-Space: A “Bio-bibliography” – Yves Bergeret

The Creative Journey – On Art and Travel, by Glen Rogers

Translation and the problems of meaning – Zineb Saaid

In Memoriam Mourid Barghouti – Essays by Ahmed Masoud and Angela Mainini

In Memoriam Selma Gürbüz – A Very Brief Note by Neil P. Doherty



The racial Justice Point of View – Camilla Boemio Interviews Artist Jebila Okongwu

On the thread of hope – Sana Darghmouni reviews Abdellatif Laâbi’s latest poetry collection

Lost in the Right Direction – Linda Arkelian and Lamondance Dancing to Break-through Loneliness during the Pandemic

Sicily 1999. Photographer Letizia Battaglia interviewed by Gia Marie Amella, with Afterword by the Interviewer

Spatial muses and multiple entanglements: Nsah Mala on his eco-poetry

Between past and present – Photo gallery and poems by Nicoletta Lofoco

Matilde Sciarrino interviews Candelaria Romero: A storyteller who does theater

Beyond Light – Photo gallery from en nico‘s photo exhibition, with review by Walter Valeri

Carie: Camilla Boemio Interviews Artist Stefano Canto about His Solo Show at the Materia Gallery in Rome



Yesterday I picked up the cries of cats and children – Poems by Samira Elbouzedi

Excerpts from José Antonio Pérez-Robleda forthcoming poetry/screenplay The Bad Guy’s Horse

Art in the Time of Pandemic – From Quarantine to Community, by Susan Aberg

Moroccan poetry in Italy: Astarte press interviews Sana Darghmouni

Prologue in Three Voices: introduction to SAL, by Paulo Chagas, Carlos Ramos and Paulo Ramos

If it Happened Now – Jeff Cottrill

Pathology -A poem by enderemiroğlu

The Lessons that Adults Can learn from Grammar School Students about Gender Equality – by Paloma Duggan and Ximena Soza

The times being what they are – Selected poems from Gentiana Minga’s trilingual collection

The Gateway to Europe: The Story of an invisible Tragedy Taking Place on Our Borders, by Vincenzo Bagnoli

Pieces of shadows floating away – Poems by Lance Henson

Plea to Free the Slaves Addressed to Pharaoh – Mario Bellizzi with author’s note

Colectivo de Arte Precario, Bringing Together Art Works and Art Workers for Resistance – by Ximena Soza

For an Appendix to a Corona, by Reginaldo Cerolini with Critical Afterword by Filippo Menozzi

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