The Dreaming Machine

The dreaming machine – issue number 3


On the Wings of Young Bengali Poets – Part II, edited by Aritra Sanyal

The Ghosts of Sea Salt Corpses – Isa Borgeson

Going to the Edge of the Land and other poems – Martin Pedersen

“From the Porthole” and other poems by Julio Monteiro Martins

A shuddering in which small things sink” three poems by Daniel Calabrese, translated by A. Seidman

from “Blue Mirrors” – Gabriella Garofalo

Where a smile is the error of a wrinkle” 5 poems from “The South of Things” Part III- P. Bongiovanni

Somewhare deep inside my soul, a tiny bone shattered – 5 poems fro. “The Bitter Herb” R. D’Abdon

“Flow back into the veins, History” three  poems by Lucia Cupertino

The fires two hundred miles away – Gerald Fleming

We’re here, your lost children listening for a sign – Six poems by Helen Wickes

“Pat the Meek Donkey”  Seven New Poems by El Habib Louai




from “13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance” – Melissa Cardoza, Trans. by M. Ginsberg-Jaeckle

How to Mail Books, or Advice on Leaving Your House – Carolyn Miller

Excerpt from “Vanished – The Mysterious Disappearance of Mustafa Ouda” – Ahmed Masoud

Silence in the Museum – Mia Funk

Everything – Mia Funk

Heavenly Paradise, by Antonio Tabucchi, translated by Joel Gerst

“Letter from Casablanca” by Antonio Tabucchi, translated by Joel Gerst



The Cola in Sub-Saharan Literature – Vincent Ouattara

Anti-racism without race: a pernicious, ongoing problem in the Italian movement against racism – C. Hawthorne and P. Piccolo

The poem, like the poet, plays with itself. On Robert Krotesch’s “Seed Catalogue” – Carmelo Militano

What Use IS Poetry – Meena Alexander, republished from World Literature Today, Sept. 2013

The Emotional Core of the Story – Part I and II – Piotr Ryczko

Cinema, TV Serials, and second Generations. Towards a New Citizenship – Leonardo  De Franceschi

Shailja Patel’s “Migritude 2018 – Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the English- Italian Edition

Introduction to “F. Scott Fitzgerald e l’Italia” (Landolfi, 2018) – Antonio Merola



Adam Kassim, young Ugandan poet and author of “Wake Up” interviewed by Hamid Barole Abdu

Los Angeles Is, Once again – art show curated by Camilla Boemio

From the Page to the Stage – Mark Scroggins Reviews Adeena Karasick’s Spoken-Word Opera “Salomé – Woman of Valor”

Introduction to a reading from the anthology “America, We call Your name” – Murray Silverstein

YiYun LI Interviewed by Mia Funk

From Africa: The Brittle Paper Awards 2018 Winners: Sibongile Fisher, Itiola Jones, Stacy Hardy, Panashe Chigumadzi, Shailja Patel



Photogallery of Hassan Vahedi’s Paintings; Introduction to “Eclairements (Luminanze)” Catalog – Claudio Strinati

From the Borderlands: Materials from “Respect! Discriminazione & intersektionale solidarietat – University of Bozen

Solidarity with the Poet in Prison: Poets Read Ashraf Fayadh’s Poems in Five Languages – presented by Sana Darghmouni

“Of this World” three trilingual poems by Tareq AlJabr (Lebeg 2018)

“The Iphigenia” and other poems – Carmelo Militano

“An expanse of water that doesn’t quench your thirst” 3 poems by Giovanna Pandolfelli

Dispatches from the Rio Grande Valley – Tongo Eisen-Martin

Though they were in no need of miracle – Four prose poems by Gerald Fleming

Parampara Cities – Leyre Villate Garcia

“Lost Land” a disappearing island and its people – a documentary by Silent Storm Productions