The Dreaming Machine

The dreaming machine – issue number 9


The fugitive faun that has vanished unseen – Three poems by Tanya Trejo Smith MacDonald

With a fistful of sand between your fingers – Three poems by Julio monteiro Martins, trans. D. Stang and H. Wickes

A str freshly dug up from the mine – Five poems by Saibal Sarkar, trans. Animikh Patra

Explorers of Consciousness -A glance at contemporary feminist poetry in India (Part II) le voci della Luna

No dappled gray, no liver chestnut, no dark bay – Five poems by Helen Wickes

This is how air digests wind – Five poems on grieving b Pushpanjana Karmakar Biswas

Against the Temperature of Time & Corrosion – Will Alexander

Dreams form in chlorophyll shades – Poems by Pasquale Verdicchio

The fluctuations of your light turn the chisel – Poems by Saikat Sarkar, trans. Hindol Ganguly

Excerpts from  “In What Light Will They Fall?” – Gabriele Galloni

BABUR – Jhelum Tribedi

LIFE -Ali Moshtaq Askari



Then, as I kept going – Shahaduz Zaman, trans. Noora Bahar

Excerpts from the novel “I negativi” – Daniele Morgese (Giulio Perrone editore 2021)

Here, Where We Keep on Meeting – Giuseppe Ferrara

All the Sadeqs are getting killed – Mojaffor Hossain, trans. Noora Shamsi Bahar

Fanta Blackcurrant – Makena Onjerika

Return – Mahua Sen, trans. Chandreyee Lahiri



My Palestinian Poem That “The New Yorker Wouldn’t Publish – Fady Joudah

Lament of the Brahmaputra Riverbank – Chandrani Sinha

Let the Rivers Speak! Lucia Cupertino and the Poetry of the Global Souths, by Pina Piccolo

From Horace to Ferlinghetti and Back – Giuseppe Ferrara

Reclaiming the sea of Gaza through ‘lost-and-found’ objects – Anas Jnena, from We Are Not Numbers

Layers of overlap: theatre, cinema, memory, imagination – Farah Ahamed

Architectures of Delusion – Steven Salaita



Invisible Women – Farah Ahamed

‘As the bombs fall, I write’: The poets of Gaza – Mohammed Moussa

The Speculative Risk: Camilla Boemio Interviews Artist Greig Burgoyne

Community Art Works by Michelle Angela Ortiz Currently Showing at the Pino Pascali Foundation Museum

That’s how war left me alive – Wesm Almadani Interviewed by Le Ortique

Photographer Sumana Mitra on her street photography and recent explorations of Surrealist techniques



Lino-printing fairy tales over Constitutions – The artwork of Mihaela Suman

from The Ornithological Atlas: Jacobin pigeon and Ramphastos sulfuratus- Yin Xiaoyuan

Spreading your senses wide open like a peacock tail – Fragments from Borea, by Simonetta Sambiase

From Chile to italy – Video Installation Bringing the rainforest and the Mapuche to the Pino Pascali Museum

Getting to Know Sumac Space, a Middle Eastern Intersection of Poetry and Visual Arts

Excerpts from “Don’t Say My Son Is Walking in Heaven” – Islam Nawwar, trans. Phoebe Bay Carter

His luminous existence as a thief- Four poems from Jessy Simonini’s “Campi di battaglia”

Night Journeys: Camilla Boemio Interviews Artist Peter Ydeen

A salty city licking away all the pleasures – Poems by Debabrata Kar Biswas, trans. Hindol Ganguly

Like a Shell Embedded in Stone – Five Poems by Mihaela Suman