The Dreaming Machine

The dreaming machine – issue number 7



Featured Project

FEATURED PROJECT: From a Menu of Distinctively Flavored Tea Poems. PART I, by Encyclopedic Poetry School

FEATURED PROJECT: From a Menu of Distinctively Flavored Tea Poems. Part II by Encyclopedic Poetry School


Poetry from the world

The Redness of the Sun’s Trousers – A Painterly Poem by Abdallah Zriqa

THE NIGHT OF GOGH – Moulinath Goswami

Poems for peace – Hamid Barole Abdu

On the tip of her voice a library alive – Six Poems by Gonca Özmen, trans. from Turkish by Neil P. Doherty

I have gone too far inside a dream – Poems by Animikh Patra for Villa Romana

This way and that’s that: A Poet Wrestling with Her Poems -Two Poems by Remah Boubou

Like a shadow on an expanse of water – Five Russian Nature and Philosophical Poems from “Natura d’altri mondi” (Giraldi 2020), ed. by Vasily Biserov

Three poems from “Minimo umano” by Stelvio Di Spigno with an Introduction by Antonio Merola

Stifle for ever my organs of speech – Poems by Sanghamitra Halder for Villa Romana

Advice Concerning Politicians – séamas carraher

Three poems from Julio Monteiro Martin’s “La grazia di casa mia”, translated by Don Stang and Helen Wickes

And we gathered darkness by the basketful – Poems of bewilderment by Pina Piccolo



“Sofía, qué soñaste?” – Vignette from Sonia Gutiérrez’s “Dreaming with Mariposas”


I Want to Be Loved, a New Story by Mia Funk

The Vulture- by Hasan Azizul Huq, trans. by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay

“War and Peace”, Short Story by Mario Benedetti, with Introduction by Clark Bouwman

A Child of Snow, a new story by Mia Funk

from The Widows Series – “Claude”, “Cargo”, “Etc.” – Three Unpublished Short-Stories by Lynne Knight

Man Ray’s Lips, a new story by Mia Funk



People Die, Not From Old Age or War or Disease – But from Disappointment, by séamas carraher

All About EY – Musings about Literature, the Short Story and the Current State of Literary Affairs – by Shajil Anthru

COMEDY AND CHILDHOOD. A conversation between Dario Fo and Walter Valeri

Time to Transition: Essay by Clarissa Clò, Image and Document Galleries from the Grassroots Movements, by Barbara Ofosu-Soumah and Marina Romani

Days in Kolkata: a Photo Gallery by Sumana Mitra

Brigada Dignidad: A Health Team Healing the Wounded by the Police in Santiago, Chile – Ximena Soza



Photographer Marilyn Minter Interviewed by Mia Funk

Prima il Punto – Christine Maigne interviewed by Camilla Boemio

Pretending to Be Healthy” Gin Angri’s Photo- Essay from Como (Italy)

Mia Funk Interviews Novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen

“America, We Call Your Name” – Poetry Anthology Has a New Life on Video and in the Schools, by Helen Wickes and Dante di Stefano

In-between states within poetry and language – Clara Burgeles interviews Viviana Fiorentino

Chronicling the Restoration of “Richmond Industrial City” Canvas Mural, by Marvin Collins

“Letter to the Earth in a Time of Crisis” by Ashraf Fayad, from “RUCKSACK- GLOBAL POETRY PATCHWORK PROJECT. Call for Second Edition 2021

Mia Funk Interviews Photographer Mark Seliger

Writing “Andolo, the Talented Albino” – An Interview with Cameroonian Author Nsah Mala, by Pina Piccolo



Laugher, freedom, play without the scaffolding of the I – Poems by Carmelo Militano’s Forthcoming Collection

Curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist Interviewed by Mia Funk

Many Disoriented Small Migrations- Poems by Jean-Charles Vegliante

A GLOBAL ART PROJECT PROSPECTUS / DESCRIPTION / HISTORY: toward international collaborative activity, by Carl Heyward

lost forgotten places – séamas carraher

The thankless parables – Poems by Sudip Chattopadhyay

“Ladri di denti” (Tooth Thieves) – Candice Whitney Reviews Djarah Kan’s Latest Short-Story Collection

Here comes the voice – Poems by Antonio Merola

Grief too has the property of the skin – Poems by Viviana Fiorentino

Ghayath Almadhoun’s “Evian” Wins the 2020 Poetry Film Zebra Award

“Through the Fluid Mosaic” – Following Maica Gugolati though the Permeable Borders of the Art Exhibition

Embraces on hold till a magic clock-strike twelve – Five Poems by Michael D. Amitin